Green Nation’s Programme Update

We have good news! We have just updated our Green Nation’s Programme. Have a look and download it here

Friday, October 6th

18.30 – Acreditations in Compromís’ Nacional Place at Pilar Square in València.

19.30 – Welcoming with Víctor Medina, from Joves PV – Compromís; Paula Espinosa, from Joves VQ – Compromís and FYEG; Max Zañartu, from EFAY; Àgueda Micó, from BLOC and Compromís; Elena Cebrian, Valencian Minister for Enviorment; and Joan Ribó, València’s Major.

21.30 – Diner at Ca Revolta (10, Santa Teresa Street)

Saturday, October, 7th

8.00 Breakfast

9.00 Bus to Albufera (meeting point pending)

10.00 Session 1: Impact over lake ecosystems. With Raquel Romero, el Palmar’s major; Javier Jiménez, biologist and member of Acció Ecologista – Agró; and Lucia Moreno, member of Acció Ecologista – Agró.

11.20 Break

11.40 Session 2: Renewable Energies and Sun tax. With Henk de Vries, professor at Rotterdam School of Management; Elise de Groote, researcher of Coppieters Foundation; and Salvador Moncayo , from Plataforma Nuevo Modelo Energético.

12.30 Travel by boat along the Albufera.

13.30 Typical lunch at the Albufera

16.30 Bus to València

18.30 Round Table. Climate changing. Paris Agreement/COP23, Extensive agriculture and livestock and how them affect to the climate. With Florent Marcellesi, EFA-Greens MEP; and Jordi Sebastià, ex-EFA-Greens deputy and Compromís member. At Centre Cultural Octubre (12, Sant Ferran Street)

19.00 Plastic Sea. Outdoors performance. At Mare de Déu Square in València. (Behind the Cathedral)

19.30 Free Time

21.30 Picnic diner at Ca Revolta.

Sunday, October, 8th

8.00 Breakfast

9.30 Biking from València to Bonrepòs i Mirambell. Meeting point: Mercè Square, València.

10.30 Welcome by Maria Josep Amigó, vice-president of the Regional Council; and Rosella Antolí, Bonrepòs i Mirambell’s Major.

11.00 Round Table. agriculture and Food Sovereighty. With Marian Campello, Joves PV – Compromís deputy at Valencian Parliament; and Unió de Llauradors.

13.30 Lunch time.

16.00 Clousure with Àgueda Micó and Joves PV team.

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